Quality cuts at killer prices.


147 South Terrace, Fremantle.

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One-Stop Chop Shop

Some say the devil made us do it, but we humbly disagree. Entrust us with your wishes, and we'll take the blame for every cut, trim, buzz, and fade until you’re dripping with delight - like tasting ambrosia in the dead of night.

“Alright! You sir, you sir, how about a shave?

Sweeney Todd

Eternal Temptations



old harry

Beard Sculpt

Men & Kids Haircuts

Starts at $35

$35 - $45




Face Shave

Face Shave

Beard Line Up

Beard Line Up

$60 - $70

$60 - $70

$60 - $70

$60 - $70



Buzz Cut

Bald & Skin Fade

$25 - $30

$60 - $70

You can't choose how the story ends, but you can write a bloody great life.

Gareth, Rob & Saf.

Back From The Edge

It’s been a helluva ride to see the sun finally rise on the Reapers Edge Barber Shop. To get here, I had a frightening brush with death in late 2023.

During another great night out in Freo, I walked out of a venue only to find myself waking up in the middle of the road. I had collapsed & stopped breathing. Resuscitated back to life before the ambo’s arrived. It was bloody frightening.

But that moment and the open heart surgery that followed - bolted the lad from Bolton into action. Life’s too short for what ifs and maybes. From the clutches of death this little Barber Shop was born. This is my one life before I one day, face the sharp edge of the Reapers scythe. Win or lose, I’d love you to jump on this journey with me - let’s see where it leads.


A barber from Bolton & owner of Reapers Edge Barber Shop.

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